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Holmwood Highgate (Aust) employees over 140 people at it Loganholme facility many of whom have been employed for periods
in excess of fifteen years (15yrs).  Our production and workshop facilities are manned by Qualified Aluminium Welders, Boiler Makers, Fitter Welders, Spray Painters Mechanics and Auto Electrician’s. 
We also have a number of apprentices ensuring the Industry knowledge is not lost. Our Engineering Office has over 100 years of Trailer / Tanker industry knowledge, Three (3) Qualified Engineers and Seven Qualified Draftspersons using the latest AutoCAD & 3D (Inventor) software packages. Our Sales & Marketing is handled by two gents well known within the Petroleum Tanker Industry, between them
they have over 75 year’s Tanker & Tanker Equipment experience.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Holmwood Highgate (Aust) For Your Bulk Tanker Solutions 

  • We are Australia’s original manufacturer of high quality aluminium road tankers
  • Our founder, whose eldest son is now the sole owner, introduced the first aluminium welding machines into Australia.
  • Our wealth of knowledge is immeasurable, our designs are original in-house designs NOT copied from other products.
  • Our tankers command top $ in the 2nd hand market due to longevity.
  • We value long term relationships with our client’s, today we are dealing with 3rd generation customers whose families
    have been buying our product for over 40 years.
  • Hills Tankers based in Rutherford NSW is one such customer, who is about to receive their 100th Holmwood tanker..
  • We have been building tankers for fuel companies and their agents for over 50 years
  • You can trust Holmwood tankers to carry your product safely around Australia and aboard.
  • Our product is preferred by finance companies to any other tanker brands because of their strength, reliability,
    performance records & genuine top $ resale values in the 2nd hand market.

“Built in Australia, By Australian’s, For Australian Conditions”