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Following is a standard delivery trip in the life of Marano’s Fuel – Far North Qld.

Trip: Cairns to Bramwell Station 150 km. from the tip of Cape York

Equipment: Kenworth T 409 with Holmwood fuel barrel on body truck with a Holmwood dog trailer attached.

Fuel is loaded at Cairns fuel terminal.

The truck then travels west up the Kuranda range & onto the Atherton Tablelands to the township of Mareeba.

From Mareeba the truck travels north to Lakeland Downs & onto Laura.

This is the end of the Bitumen for this trip north, Approximately 310 km. covered to this point.

From Laura truck travels north to Hann River then onto Musgrave.

From Musgrave north to Coen onto Archer River then onto the Y where there is two directions to go, left to Weipa or north to Bramwell station.

 The distance travelled from Cairns to Bramwell Station is approximately 820km. of this 310km is bitumen & 510km is dirt road ranging in condition of

good to very bad.

The journey of 820 km presents many & varied challenges including cows & horses wondering the road, heavily corrugated roads, very heavy rains causing wet roads

with lots of mud, high temperatures & humidity , isolation & a lack of communication with base.

Along this route we deliver fuel to Roadhouses / Service stations, fruit farms, and remote Aboriginal communities, civil contractors, cattle stations,

quarries, & fishermen.

One of these trips can take up to 4 days to complete depending on road conditions, weather conditions & how far off the beaten track we have to venture.

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